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Goodier Cosmetics

Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, Goodier Cosmetics today operates in over 110,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. We specialize in product development and formulation; leading the market in new and cutting edge technologies. Our customers include entrepreneurs and companies in need of expert formulation and large-scale filling and manufacturing. We’re responsible for producing some of the best known skin care products on the market today – but you won’t see a client list here. That’s because we handle every client, and every project, with complete confidentiality. We’re proud of our reputation for helping companies succeed by delivering stable, effective, marketable products. Our facility is cGMP compliant, FDA registered and an OTC licensed manufacturer.



Our customers collaborate with Goodier department experts in Marketing, Quality Assurance, R&D and Manufacturing teams – each headed by a leader with over a decade of experience in the personal care industry. Together, they evaluate and refine every new product idea to create potent formulas and turnkey product lines that can really sell.






Global Skin Care Industry

The skin care market is not slowing down. The global skin care industry is estimated to reach $121 billion in 2016. By 2018, the U.S. skin care market will reach nearly $11 billion.


We’ve brought highly respected R&D professionals from around the world to our Dallas headquarters to apply decades of clinical research and innovation experience to our formulas. Our chemists travel globally to bring back advances in raw materials and inventive technology that opens up new ways to deliver results. Formulating sophisticated products developed with your consumer demographic in mind. We provide stability testing, product testing and can guide clinical studies to further enhance your formulas and provide compelling content for your marketing plans.

Custom Formulation

We don’t fill our shelves with stock formulas for private label to multiple customers. Our reputation has been built on truly custom formulas created with USP grade raw materials, sourced from every corner of the world. Our R&D team studies trends beyond the skincare arena to identify non-traditional combinations of chemicals and botanicals that could lead to innovative efficacies and market-leading formulas. Our expert chemists orchestrate the interaction of ingredients in custom formulations to ensure you receive a truly effective product.


Our pristine state-of-the-art manufacturing and filling facility reflects our passion to exceed industry benchmarks for quality product manufacturing at every step of the process. To keep critical details of our customers’ unique products private, Goodier enforces a rigorous confidentiality policy. Product and client lists are not revealed to prospective customers. Our business is prospering on referrals and word of mouth – a testament to the quality of our work

Proudly Producing

  • Physician formulas
  • Daily skincare regimens
  • Anti-aging solutions
  • Products designed for men and women
  • Problem solvers
  • OTC products including Acne Treatment & Sunscreens


Numerous tanks and kettles for liquids, creams, lotions and gels in a range of sizes. Strict procedural compliance is enforced in the filling area. Supervisors continually inspect products and document results measured against various specifications while Quality Assurance personnel verify the results. Filling capabilities include bottles, jars & tubes in a range of sizes.


Each raw material used in manufacturing goes through a series of tests to ensure specifications and quality standards are met. After the manufacturing process is complete, the product undergoes additional tests confirming the desired appearance and physical properties specified for the formulation. Chemical composition analysis are also performed with HPLC & ICP assay testing to verify preservative and active ingredient concentrations meet specifications and label claims. All tests are reviewed by the QA team, to guarantee quality prior to release.

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